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Our New Items Collection, Elegant Chandelier, Droplights, Wall Lamps, Outdoor Lamps, LED Elegant. Ceiling Lamps, Dining Lamps and more..More

Elegant Chandelier

Highly decorated Elegant Chandelier that would absolutely add character to any room and sparkles magnificently when lit.More

LED Chandelier

Has unique design, into your Room, Kitchen, Living room, Dining room..and more


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ilaw atbp. Corporation traces its humble beginnings in 1999, when established a “complete electrical shop” concept store at the Ground Floor Unit of #11 Howard Tower, Rizal Avenue Extension corner 6th Ave, Caloocan City. It started by distributing OMNI products as well as products being supplied by direct importers, sole distributors and manufactures of various electrical and lighting brands. Since then, ilaw atbp. has established itself as a leading expert in electrical and lighting products in the country. From selling a limited selection of consumable bulbs and electrical devices, ilaw atbp’s range of products has expanded to include decorative lamps, chandelier, and other lighting fixtures. Yet, we are not one to rest on our laurels. ilaw atbp. continues to seek ways to advance its business by being responsive to both the challengers and opportunities of the changing times. Hench, we stay on top if innovative technologies and seize new prospects for profitable growth without sacrificing the environment. We are at the forefront of the evolution of new themes and products lines of light-emitting diode (LED) technology, with our latest line of modern chandeliers exclusively using LED Lights...READ MORE

Litesplus is a premium lighting brand dedicated to quality, design,
and innovation. Our LitesPlus selection perfectly blends function
and style, catering to your lighting needs while enhancing your
space’s beauty and splendor. Each piece that goes into our LitePlus Collection reflects out passion and commitment as we personally choose its quality and design. Litesplus has expanded its portfolio to highlight the more energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. With the latest LED lighting technology, Litesplus offers a variety of styles of Chandeliers, Accent Lighting, Designer Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Spot Lighting, Linear Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Security Lighting, Crystal Lights, Ceiling Lights, Outdoor Lights, Pendant Lamps, Wall Lamps, Corner Lamps, Stairway Lamps, Hallway Lamps, and other innovative LED lightings for residential. professional, and outdoor needs.

Our Diverse collection is sure to delight any individual taste with designs and finishes to suit every type of look from classic to modern, simple to ornate, basic accents to stylish. Litesplus carriers glamorous crystal chandeliers that add sophistication to any space, as the striking glint of light on every crystal illuminates and sparkles. Yet Litesplus not only provides stunning decorative pieces of lighting fixtures that helps create the perfect ambiance, it also offers a line of professional and security lights and lighting fixture including high powered adjustable multi-purpose lights commonly used in parks, warehouses, and basketball courts, as well as along roads and major thoroughfares.